It is always a great satisfaction to welcome each of the participants in the Torrellano Cup and congratulate the entire organizing committee of this Torrellano International Handball Tournament, a team of very motivated, very generous people, who make it possible every year that surpasses itself a test that is already a mandatory reference for handball and for sports in general throughout the world.


This year 2018 the satisfaction is even greater, and also the pride that the Elche people feel for the "Torrellano Cup", since it is more or less than 30 years old !. A very special anniversary, with a lot of meaning, for which I congratulate all the people behind this great international meeting of handball and sports values ​​in Torrellano. A thirtieth anniversary is a good occasion to remember each and every one of those people who believed, and put into action, a simply great idea: to launch a great international invitation for referees, players, coaches and family members from very different countries to share unforgettable days of sport and something more. A "something more" summarized in the values ​​and principles that sport constantly transfers to society: coexistence among participants, team spirit, eagerness to excel ... A "something more" that has made the Torrellano Cup an example for everyone, especially for the youngest ones.


Welcome, then, to this new appointment with sport that is much more than a sports competition. It is a reencounter with the values ​​that we want to distinguish our young people, and are also a characteristic of the society of tomorrow. And it is also a great way to "make city" to let the world know how much Torrellano can offer and the diversity of attractions in Elche.


For all this, many thanks to all, to all, those who make possible the Torrellano Cup every year, congratulations and very happy 30th anniversary !.



Carlos González Serna

Mayor of Elche