World famous for its health benefits, the Mediterranean diet is especially evident in Elche and the province of Alicante thanks to the products of its fertile lands and the fish and seafood of its sea.

The star product of the gastronomic purchases from Elche is, without a doubt, the fresh date of his palm grove. The harvesting season lasts from October to January and during that time it is possible to buy it in some establishments linked, mostly, to the families of the palm trees that care lovingly for their cultivation and care.

In these lands, rice is undoubtedly its main protagonist in most dishes accompanied by fish, seafood, meat and vegetables. We emphasize among them the rice to band, the rice to the Alicante, the cauldron, the rice with "crust", the caldoso rice or the popular "olleta" Alicante with base of vegetables and legumes.

Among the desserts you have to try our nougat with denomination of origin, horchatas and 100% handmade ice cream.

As a complement to these delicacies you have to taste the Alicante wines that enjoy a recognized prestige and fame. Among them stands out the "Fondillón" an exclusive wine from the Alicante Denomination of Origin made with 100% Monastrell grapes overripe in the vine and with maximum aging of 10 years. With a historical tradition that reaches our days thanks to the 11 unique and exclusive wineries that are authorized for its production.

The gastronomic richness also extends through the wide variety of montaditos and tapas that use meats, vegetables and salted meats as ingredients.

In the lands of Elche we find dishes based on the garden and its fish. Rice with crust, rice with rabbit and snails, Mujol del Hondo with all i oli and the traditional puchero with balls are a good example of this. Desserts include the fruits of the earth, dates, figs, pomegranates, as well as Tortada de Elche or fig bread.

Elche offers a wide range of restaurants of all categories, from the most elegant and sophisticated to the most relaxed. In any of them you can taste the delicacies of our cuisine.